Sunday, September 26, 2010

Small Talk :)

So Jackson and Carson have these few phrases or words I think are funny at the moment.

When Jackson is thirsty he says, "eat drink" or in the mornings it's "eat juice!"

You know how we all have a few words we overuse sometimes? Well I use to say, "That is not necessary" all the time. I probably haven't said it in a while though. But, because of it Carson uses the word necessary sometimes, even though he has no idea what he is saying and completely wrongly uses it, it's cute. So Carson was randomly talking and said something about Grady (our awful new dog) being necessary. Right after that Brandon asked Jackson something like, "What do you think Jackson?" And Jackson CLEARLY said, "necessary" Oh my God, we laughed. So stinking cute. I mean, what ONE year old can say the word necessary? Mine can! :)

Carson for some reason has started saying "mom" and "dad" instead of the usual "mama" and "daddy" and the occasional "mommy". Yet he is still saying "mama" and "daddy" more. Just thought that was random since I never say "mom" or "dad", not even to my parents or referring to anyone.

And a little bit of randomness...

I think I might start full time at the Tiki Hut! We're gonna talk soon about getting my own office and the kids will be able to come with me. Hubby owns it, so everything including hours, will be so flexible. I'm keeping my fingers crossed everything will work out! We need some extra income, badly.

I'll get to some Tiki Hut and pumpkin pics in another post. We're heading up there tomorrow to finish working on the roof, so I'll take more pics then and then I'll be able to do a few before and after. Basically, why I'm holding out on showing what I have now.

Here's a pic of Carson last night though. He fell asleep beside me, sitting up. I swear I think this child would sleep anywhere anyhow. He definitely gets that from his daddy, not me!

I look tired! But I thought this was so precious, since I was just sitting watching the movie and I thought he was watching with me! I looked over and he was asleep :)

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