Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mama's Boys & 21 Weeks

Jackson and Carson, oh how I love you two. I get so aggravated with the two of you sometimes, but it only takes seconds for it all to go away because you always make me smile :)

I never imagined how much love my heart could hold. You two amaze me every day. Watching you grow is one of the most amazing things. I'm so glad I'm able to spend so much time with you. Our relationship couldn't be any closer, and I love it. I love you.

Jackson is 21 months now (and some days, but who's counting?)

I had to use the "red-eye" on these pics so his eyes look a little different, ha. I need a nicer camera! My goal is to maybe get one either for my birthday (Nov. 25) or Christmas .. we'll see. But back to the boys..

Oh and Jackson picked out these pajamas. I asked him which pair he wanted and he said, "Chug-achoo."

Jackson is the happiest little boy, ever. He wakes up happy, goes to bed happy (sometimes not, he's putting up a fight lately). He's crazy friendly to strangers, while Carson will just look at them like they are crazy people (more like his mama, lol.)

He is SO smart!! He has been talking so good for months now. He amazes us with his words because he can say so much!

He loves his mommy, daddy, and brother verrry much. During the day while Brandon is working he will say, "Where's Daddy?" while turning is little head and saying it so soft and sweet.

I love hearing him say Carson.

His favorite color is orange. He will spot out the color orange in a second. I put a shirt on him this morning and he said, "that orange?" And yes it was .. smart boy :)

He loves Barney, Dora, Shrek, and Nemo and will ask to watch these movies by their name. If he gets bored with something on TV he will say, "watch something else." Clear as day.

He loves to drink orange juice, milk, tea and Mocha Frappes from McDonald's. We will pass McDonald's and he will scream, "coffee!!" I wonder if my kids think all coffee is ice cold, chocolate tasting and with whipped cream?

He is trying to say his name. He says it, but it's one of his words that isn't completely clear. Of course I know what he is saying. Precious.

Mommy loves you Jackson. You truly are my sunshine. You know exactly how to make me smile.

Carson is 3 years and 6 months (and some days, again I'm not counting..)

Carson is such a sweetheart. He makes my heart melt. He is so sensitive, always has been. He is so quiet (unless he is home with us), he does not like strangers to talk to him, especially touch him, and he gets upset really easily. He has always been this way, I think that's why he didn't talk until he was 2. He kind of just follows Jackson's lead sometimes.

Oh and these pajamas he is wearing in the pictures are the first time this child has put on pajamas since he was probably one. Not kidding. And he only had them on long enough for me to take these pictures and they were off. He sleeps in his underwear, and takes his clothes off as soon as we walk through the door, no matter what, every day. I only bought him these because I was buying Jackson a pair today and Carson just had to have some too. I tried to explain to him they were pajamas and he didn't like pajamas. But he insisted he would wear them. There goes my 5 bucks. I guess Jackson can always wear them once he grows out of his!

Carson talks now. I mean, obviously he is almost 4! Just figured I'd write it out in case I have made him out to be some kind of no talking kid?! He can say almost anything. He still can not do the "f" sound, we try and try and it always comes out as "s". I'm thinking he will grow out of it, the same way he did with the rest of his speaking problems.

The child loves Christmas. He is not your normal child that loves it and talks about it occasionally. He talks about Christmas every single day. He sings Christmas songs every day. His favorite song is Jingle Bells. He talks about Santa all the time and how he brings presents, lots of presents. I ask him what he wants Santa to bring him and he just says, "presents." Nothing specific, ever.

Carson wanted to stay up on night and watch a movie on the couch and I was tired so I went to lay down in the bed with Brandon and Brandon asked me what Carson was watching and I said, "Christmas Shoes." We laid there and laughed so hard we cried. I had to sit up to catch my breath.

Carson, we love your cute little self. And since I apparently can't have a girl, you will always be the closest thing to it, but not gay .. I don't suppose. You are so much like your mama. It's not your fault, it's in your blood .. plus me and you have been hanging out for going on 4 years now .. almost two of those years just the two of us. You have my heart. I love you.

Here is a pic of my two silly boys playing in their matching pajamas .. glad I took pics even though they aren't great ones because I'm sure this won't happen again for a while.

Well I'm 21 weeks! Here is my update!! (I almost forgot to take my weekly pic .. so that's why I'm in my jammies too. Guess I should have made this some kind of pajama post)

How far along: 21 weeks
Weight gain/loss: Honestly, I have no idea? I haven't weighed since my last dr. appt.
Maternity clothes: Sometimes. I'm just getting by with whatever. I did find some tops from a girl off craigslist for the fall/winter! I love good deals!!
Sleep: I'm sleeping so much better. Thank goodness I'm not having to pop the Unisom. I do still wake up to pee though. But getting to sleep is easier.
Best moment this week: Carson felt the baby and said the baby kicked him! So cute! Jackson will point to my belly and say, "baby" (forgot to mention all that above.)
Food cravings: Pizza Hut :) BUT then comes heartburn, thank you Tums!
Gender: BOY
Belly button in or out: Still in
Movement: More and more, especially when I lay down.
What I miss: Not going to the bathroom every 15 minutes.
What I'm looking forward to: A consignment sale in a couple of weeks. Getting rid of old stuff and hopefully getting some new baby stuff and stuff for the boys too of course!
Milestones: My boobs are getting bigger! These little girls needed to grow :)

Brandon now says he is getting tired of our baby name. Are you serious?! I was totally warming up to the name Trace. But we went through the same thing with Carson and Jackson. Plus he says the middle name I picked out, Orion, sounds like something from the solar system. But it's pronounced O-RYAN .. Get it? I just like it spelled Orion, but I don't want people looking at it and calling him OREON. We'll figure it out.

TMI coming up .. just trying to warn you.

P.S. I hate my vitamins. They make me constipated. Sorry. Just thought I'd share.

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